The Future of Video Production


A range of technological advancements paired with innovative and immersive platforms, products, and services, has changed the world of video production. What started as black and white pictures, run in a sequence has evolved into videos with sound and motion, and the kind of clarity that transports you to the intended scene. Video grew to be colourful, high resolution, shorter, and most importantly, abundant. The insatiable thirst of the world for visual content is what led to the emergence of innovative techniques in this industry in order to create a competitive edge. Which makes you think – what does the future of the video production industry hold? Will you be able to keep up?

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Future Trends of Video Production

4K technology

As resolution is one of the most vital factors of video quality, the race for the highest definition video format is becoming more competitive. With access to high-tech developments across the globe, more video production companies will be able to buy 4K graphic cards and before you know it, everyone will be consuming visual content of the highest resolution. The transition may be a little rocky as this involves large investments in new equipment and updating hardware to handle such high-resolution content. As the name suggests, 4K technology is 4 times the resolution of an HD video. Why is this good? Let’s just say the next time you watch a movie and see the fine lines on your favourite actor, your self- esteem is bound to skyrocket. 


Vertical Video

Another trend in the world of video production is adapting content for mobile screens to view in portrait mode. When the square video format beat out landscape mode, everyone thought that was the end. Now we’ve got a new kid in town- Vertical video, and he seems to be very popular. These are videos that are taller and wider so that they cover the whole screen. Since mobile phones account for more than half of an individual’s digital interaction, it’s best to create content to tap into that majority. Sometimes, something as simple as fitting a screen can go a long way in creating a more enriching experience for your viewers.


360-Degree Virtual Reality Video

 If you thought videos could not get more immersive, strap on; you’re in for quite a ride. The technology of 360-degree videos has the ability to give the audience a ‘being there’ experience as opposed to the traditional ‘seeing there’ experience. A viewer can scroll across the viewing device’s screen to explore the whole scene from a 360-degree angle. This kind of interactive video productions can improve audience engagement, and for that very reason, we can predict the adoption of this technique in future marketing endeavours. 


Affordable Aerial Footage

Gone are the times where aerial footage was exclusive to the travel industry. Drone-captured footage literally gives a bird’s eye view of the set you want to capture. Since drones guarantee the safety of the videographer, the visuals can be more adventurous and experimental. In recent years, drones have been widely used in Hollywood productions, but it definitely won’t stop there.  As the affordability of drones inches closer to production budgets, they become a popular choice in the video production industry. In the future, you may just find yourself looking over the world’s shoulders.

As visual beings, we long for video content at its best. It’s the reason we spend hours on social media and hundreds at the theatre. The demand for it will never stop growing, but the supply side has got to step up its game to keep the world’s attention. When the technique complements the content- that’s when the real magic is made.

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