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Billions of dollars are poured into events every year, but how many event organisers really feel as though they are leveraging that impact? 

Not many. 

52.6% of event professionals are invested more in event tech than the previous year, and they want to use technology to leverage best practice. That’s exactly what Splento CEO, Roman Grigoriev, shared on The Events Podcast this week. 

Interviewed by Dan Taylor, host of The Events Podcast and CEO of App Events and Event Frame, Roman shared our event expertise in four key areas:

1) Visual content is key to engaging audiences and attracting new customers. 

2) Great events need great imagery. 

3) LinkedIn is the best medium for sharing visual content, but it must be very high quality. 

4)  80-90% of social media interactions happen outside of organisers control.

But to gain all the expertise from Roman, you’ll have to listen to the podcast interview in full! 

Go on then, one quick snippet…

“Whilst I was working in the property world, I started dabbling in startups and trying to understand the tech world. I had a mobile app development studio, then did a Pan-European voucher code website, a gaming studio…loads of different things!

”I always understood that with property, you couldn’t make a huge dent in the universe, whereas with what we’re doing now, I could see a much bigger problem for a much larger number of clients.”

The Events Podcast offers insider expertise to those looking to improve their events management, with leaders from a variety of industry angles sharing their thoughts. The podcast can be listened to on iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher, Spotify, and YouTube.

At Splento, we are here to empower event organisers to concentrate on what they do best: host and manage events that inspire, educate, and challenge others. We don’t want them to be held back by the nitty gritty of content creation, and we want their efforts to be recorded beautifully. 

That’s why our event photography and videography is so popular, enjoyed by global brands such as Google, London Tech Week, and cogX.

You can listen to the full podcast with Roman by clicking here.

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