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24 Assets

24 Assets

Daniel Priestly

Create a digital, scalable valuable and fun business that will thrive in a fast-changing world

Connected Strategy

Connected Strategy

Nicolaj Siggelkow

Building continuous customer relationships for competitive advantage

Creative Construction

Creative Construction

Gary P. Pisano

The DNA of sustained innovation



Hans Rosling

10 reasons we’re wrong about the world – and why things are better than you think

Getting Real

Getting Real

37 Signals

The smarter, faster easier way to build a successful web application

The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup

Eric Ries

How constant innovation creates radically successful businesses

Seeing Around Corners

Seeing Around Corners

Rita McGrath

How to spot inflection points in business before they happen

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1. What is the main focus of “24 Assets” by Daniel Priestly?

“24 Assets” by Daniel Priestly provides a blueprint for building a digital, scalable, and valuable business that thrives in a rapidly changing world. The book outlines how to create and manage 24 strategic assets that can significantly enhance your business’s value and operational efficiency.

2. How does “Connected Strategy” by Nicolaj Siggelkow help businesses?

“Connected Strategy” by Nicolaj Siggelkow offers insights into building continuous customer relationships to gain a competitive advantage. The book focuses on leveraging technology and data to create a seamless and engaging customer experience that drives long-term loyalty and profitability.

3. What key concepts are covered in “Creative Construction” by Gary P. Pisano?

“Creative Construction” by Gary P. Pisano delves into the principles and practices that underpin sustained innovation in organizations. It discusses how companies can develop a culture of innovation, build innovative capabilities, and implement strategies that foster long-term growth and creativity.

4. Why is “Getting Real” by 37 Signals recommended for web application development?

“Getting Real” by 37 Signals is highly recommended for its practical and straightforward approach to web application development. It emphasizes simplicity, efficiency, and speed in building successful web applications. The book provides valuable advice on how to streamline the development process and focus on what truly matters to users.

5. How can these books collectively enhance business strategy and performance?

Together, these books offer a comprehensive guide to building and sustaining a successful business in the digital age. They cover essential topics such as asset management, customer relationships, innovation, and practical development strategies. By integrating the insights from these books, businesses can develop a robust and adaptable strategy that drives growth and competitive advantage.

6. Who should read “24 Assets” by Daniel Priestly?

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers looking to scale their businesses and enhance operational efficiency will benefit greatly from “24 Assets.” The book is particularly useful for those aiming to create a sustainable and valuable business in a fast-changing market.

7. What are the benefits of building a “Connected Strategy” according to Nicolaj Siggelkow?

Building a “Connected Strategy” helps businesses create stronger, more personalized relationships with their customers. This approach leads to increased customer loyalty, better customer insights, and a more resilient business model that can adapt to changing customer needs and market conditions.

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