Lesson 2: The Four Elements of an Effective Ask


To increase probability of your asks being successfully completed, you need to say the following four things: ย 

(1) I want
(2) you
(3) to do X
(4) by Y date.

Simple enough, but regularly we forget about this simple rule and for the sake of โ€œpolitenessโ€ we use vague terminology along the lines of: โ€œIt would be great if someone took care of our social mediaโ€.

Yes, there will be situations when this vague approach works, but if you are after consistency in your workflow and you delegate a lot – stick to the โ€œfour elementsโ€ principle.

NB: depending on the cultural differences, you may need to pad the message out a bit and start with small talk or spread the message across several paragraphs, but make sure all four elements are present otherwise the chances of successful completion are squashed from the get-go.

by Roman Grigoriev