Management is Doing Things Right Leadership is Doing the Right Things


As Splento continues to go from strength to strength, I wanted to outline a few important criteria that every prospective Splento manager must have.

But first things first. It goes without saying that every employee at Splento is an A-Player and we wonโ€™t settle for less.

Secondly, Splento follows Steve Jobsโ€™s lead and we hire people to tell us what to do and not the other way round.

Thirdly, I love being the dumbest person in the proverbial room. If you feel that Iโ€™m smarter than you and you have nothing new to add to our team – donโ€™t bother applying.

If, however, you share our passion, our vision and our desire to make getting professional photos and videos as easy & affordable as getting a cab – read on!

Here are the must-have qualities of a Successful Manager at Splento:

โƒ ability to manage oneself

โƒ personal values in line with companyโ€™s values

โƒ personal goals in line with companyโ€™s objectives

โƒ lifelong learning as part of DNA

โƒ ability to solve problems

โƒ mindset of constant innovation

โƒ ability to influence people

โƒ understanding of modern management methods and techniques

โƒ ability to teach staff

โƒ ability to form and develop A-Teams

โƒ ability to make effective, realistic, economically viable, timely decisions with clear reasoning behind them

Lacking expertise in some of them – you still have time to improve! We are in it for a long game!


by Roman Grigoriev