Top 10 Event Startups To Watch This Year

Top 10 Event Startups

  1. Virtual Speech

The savvy event professional must be good at interacting with all sorts of people. This VR app will help you develop interpersonal skills by immersing you into a virtual environment where you can practise speaking with and in front of people. Virtual Speech is also great for those who have trouble standing in front of a meeting room full of people and giving a presentation, as it gives users the opportunity to understand the process from the comfort of their own home. Download for free and say goodbye to nervy speeches and awkward conversations.

  1. SurveyAnyplace

Surveys are dull and no one likes doing them (unless it’s a Buzzfeed quiz) but this app changes the game as it can turn any survey into something fun. The age of old-fashioned event surveys is a thing of the past thanks to this app. With it, you can create a quiz, which adapts to every device, add some animation or even music and let your attendees play and, in turn, learn from the results. It’s a win-win for all!

  1. Meetinghand

Become the event manager with the mostest with this all-in-one lifesaver of an app. It contains everything that every event manager would ever need to organise an event, from registration and travel services to payment and sponsorship needs. This user-friendly platform will save precious time and help you organise the most memorable event for your guests.

  1. speakerhub

The perfect speaker should have the ability to spark the audience’s interest in the chosen subject, to inspire and motivate the audience to put theory to practice but not everyone can do that. That’s why finding the right speaker for your event is a difficult task. Meet speakerhub, the hub of event and public speakers. It connects some of the most amazing speakers from all over the world to event professionals according to their needs. Maybe you won’t be needing the Virtual Speech ^ app after all.

  1. Grip

AI based apps are becoming more popular in events every year and this app is no exception. Grip uses sophisticated algorithms to aid event professionals in getting the most out of networking at events. This matchmaking app recommends the most valuable event connections, delegates, speakers and exhibitors and connects you to them in a smart way. With a swiping interface and Tinder-like usability, Grip is becoming top event professionals’ own personal relationship consultant by making the tedious process of networking easier and more worthwhile.

  1. Invite the Media

No matter how wonderfully well your event has been organised – if you don’t have bloggers, influencers or journalists attending, you have basically failed. Media is the fastest way to spread the word about a great event, which is why you should use Invite the Media to invite the media to your event! Submit details of your event and these guys will help you get media coverage for it by selecting the most relevant contacts for your type of event and inviting them to attend.

  1. Fieldbook

Only a handful of people in your company will actually enjoy working with spreadsheets and data all day and the ones that don’t are most probably using Fieldbook; the app that makes creating databases faster and more simple. This app allows you to turn your spreadsheets into powerful online databases with contact lists, detailed plans, client tracking and project tracking. You can also use their many templates to create databases that fit your every need.  

  1. Glisser

Having a large media event and not sure about the comfort of your audience? Glisser brings your presentation to your audience’s smartphones and allows for interaction and sharing content, which is useful for events with large audiences and media attendees. You can also track audience attendance, engagement and event ROI using this handy app. Glisser also gives your guests the opportunity to share to social media which is always great for online engagement.

  1. Showslice

Logistics can be a huge expense and a right headache but not with this brilliant app. Showslice is an award-winning event venue solution platform that allows users to share ideas, pre-plans and event infrastructure, and view venue deals and discounts, thus saving money at the same time. Open the app, use targeted enquiries and choose deals to book the venue that suits your needs perfectly and finally exhale with relief.

  1. MYCO

Say hello to the end of the business card era with MYCO. This innovative company has invented a way to combine a business network and search engine, your professional phone book, global search for events and, conferences and exhibitions, smart search for companies and services, potential client tracking and wider event promotion and cram it all into a smartband, as in a wristband, that’s smart! Initially designed for event professionals and companies, it also can be used by any business person outside of the event industry. Available both at App Store and Google Play.