Canon Hotspot Photography

Canon Hotspot Photography


Splento’s Hotspot Photography Solution Grows Fan Engagement and Customer Interaction for London Fashion Weekend

Do you sponsor large events and want to get more social media bang for your sponsorship buck? Then Splento Fan Photography Hotspot Solution is for you.

Brands are always on the lookout to increase customer engagement and social media interaction. But in the age of constant distractions and ubiquitous smartphones with their countless apps – it’s becoming increasingly harder and harder to grab fans’ attention.

Get a “photography hotspot” by the entrance, capture your fans splendid mementos and get your brand on each professional photo they receive in their personalised gallery!

How do “photography hotspots” work? Simple.

  1. Book our photographers for as many hours as you want with a few clicks or a quick telephone call.
  2. Our photographers will set up in front of the venue, ideally by an event poster or media wall.
  3. When fans start arriving, Splento photographers will photograph individual fans and hand out a card with a special code to access those photos.
  4. Photos are digitally retouched, sorted into individual galleries and are ready for download with sponsors logo already on them the same day.
  5. Fans download and share photos online their professional photos increasing brand’s social media interaction and engagement.

As simple as that.

For as long as we can remember there have always dozens of photographers taking photos of the athletes, stars, musicians, entertainers, however not a single photographer has ever been taking photos of the fans. A paparazzi may take a few photos of fans for the newspapers, but fans never get to see their own photos from the event they’ve been looking forward for the previous few months. It seems everyone has forgotten that the most important part of any event are it’s attendees: hundreds of millions of people who attend thousands of concerts, sports matches and festivals around the world each year.

That’s what Splento Hotspot Photography is solving. We want fans to relive their beloved events with professional photos and brands to be in fans minds forever through subtle logo positioning on each photo.

A great example of such an event was London Fashion Weekend sponsored by Canon.

We set up a photographer by the entrance to Saatchi Gallery in front of LFWE poster and in just three hours more than 100 people stopped by and asked to be photographed. We sent out all the photos to each individual client the same day and had thousands of downloads, social media interaction and very positive customer feedback and engagement. Below are examples of such individual galleries.

Canon Hotspot Photography by Splento Canon Hotspot Photography by Splento

If you are a brand and you sponsor events that attract more than 100,000 fans/attendees per year – give us a call! We could drive your fan satisfaction, brand awareness and social media engagement through the roof!