Airshare: Your NEW Gallery-Sharing App Effortless Photo Sharing


Isn’t it annoying when you’ve got great photos to share but not everyone can see them, or when you have to use different apps to send them to different groups of people?

Here at Splento we’ve been working on a solution to this irritating issue and have created an exciting new photo-sharing app that makes it possible for you to share your photos and videos anytime, anywhere, with anyone. 


Introducing “AirShare” – a completely FREE and effortless way to share your photos and galleries in one simple click from any device, with NO registration required. 

AirShare is a completely free and new way to share photos with no registration required,” states Eugene Semeykin, Head of Product. He continues, “We hear from so many customers that whilst sharing individual photos was easy enough, sharing entire galleries was more of a problem – particularly if the people they want to share with don’t use the same networks.” 

We’re all too aware that special occasions and events result in hundreds of photos being taken by numerous people – all shared in different places and by different means. With Airshare, there is no more uploading of photos to all different channels, no more arguments about which messenger or social media to use when sharing photos. Simply collect all the photos from your wedding, birthday, holiday, event, launch or something else and share them all from ONE place.


Quite simply, Airshare provides:

Simplicity: a quick and painless way to share images to your very own beautiful online gallery in one simple click – from any device;

It’s super easy to create your gallery – simply head to the website, give your gallery a name and click ‘create’. No registration required. Once you’re ready to share your gallery, simply share the link with your friends, family or colleagues and they click to join – no registration required!

Privacy: keep control over who has access to your online gallery with pin-protected private galleries;

At Splento, we’ve got years of experience with online galleries for our clients and we know how important your privacy is, so AirShare gives you the option to make your gallery public or private. If you want to make it private, you can set your own pin and share it only with those you want to.

Sharing: making it as easy as possible to share your photos via any means possible

Sharing is caring, so AirShare gives you the option, with no registration required, to share your gallery link with anyone and everyone via SMS, email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and many other means.

AirShare is now LIVE! 




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