5 Best Photos of the Month (May)


Every month, Splento shoots at a wide range of events; from weddings and birthday parties to conferences and award dinners. We process a lot of truly awesome images and want to show them off, so we’ve put together the best photos from the month of May for you to see. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

1. Dinner with HRH The Duke Of York at Windsor Castle 

Dinner with HRH The Duke Of York at Windsor Castle captured by Bogdan Maran/Splento


2. Cutler’s Hall

Splento’s Top 5 Venues of May
Cutler’s Hall captured by Giulia Legora/Splento


3. 20/20 Speed Networking by Prestige Events Magazine

20/20 Speed Networking captured by Bogdan Maran/Splento


4. Event Industry Cyclathon by Silverstone Wing

Event Industry Cyclathon captured by Bogdan Maran/Splento


5. VR World Event by The Memo

VR World Event captured by Charlie Massimiliano Burgio/Splento