15 Things Only Londoners Will Understand

15 Things Only Londoners Will Understand


1. When the sun comes out and you feel blessed but then it goes back behind a cloud of smog

2. Housing prices. Enough said.

3. When you’re invited to something on a Wednesday night in Kensington but you work in Canary Wharf #nah #toofar

4. Trying to breathe in central London

5. If a slow-walker-dodging slalom race was on the agenda for the next Olympics you’d have a solid chance at winning gold

6. That’s why you hate people who walk under 6.5 km/h

7. …And tourists

8. …And anywhere near Trafalgar Square. Because that’s where all the tourists are.

9. It’s cold outside, you wear a coat. You get on the tube, it’s hot and you spontaneously combust.

10. When your face is squished up against the doors yet again because no one MOVES DOWN INSIDE THE CARRIAGE

11. People standing on the left side of the escalator, or worse, in the centre.

12. When a single G&T costs you £16

13. When you get heavily judged for living in the South East

14. How dodgy the Night Bus can be at 3am

15. The intolerance you have towards people who talk loudly on the train