Splento’s Unusual London Tourist Guide


Go to any tourist in the world and ask him or her, what do they know about London? The answer is guaranteed to include Her Majesty The Queen and Big Ben. However, London is much more than how it is portrayed in tourist guides. For example, is there any other capital city where dying in the Houses of Parliament would be illegal? Exactly – London one and only. There are many unique and quirky things you can find in London, but this would require hours of walking through its historic streets, so Splento has done the hard work for you. Here is our Unusual London Touristic Guide!


Splento Unusual London Tourist Guide Food

Dans Le Noir

You may possibly never be prepared for a night at Dans Le Noir in Clerkenwell. Have you ever closed your eyes and eaten some food you’ve never tried before? Well, this, in essence, is what you are going to be doing here. You’ll pick one of the four options on the secret menu: meat, fish, vegetarian or chef’s special and be surprised by what you get served to you by blind waiters in complete darkness. Talk about new experiences! In the dark, your senses are heightened, so food tastes more intense – that must be why people love this place!

La Bodega Negra

This is the perfect place to let go of your inhibitions. Don’t be put off by the neon bright ‘sex shop’ sign or the mannequin in the entrance that wears a birth suit because once you are through the door, you wouldn’t want to leave. You’ll enter into this nightclub-like restaurant and enjoy sensational Mexican food and tropical cocktails. This place certainly ticks all the boxes for the average Instagram fan, as a shot in this place is worth a hundred likes! It’s definitely a must see.

Sketch Gallery

So you’ve eaten in the dark and in a sex shop, now time to eat in a gallery. The interior of this place looks like a cotton candy machine malfunction, with pink walls, fixtures, and furniture. The walls also feature David Shrigley’s quirky artwork and the waiters are dressed up to the nines in high fashion clothing. You can season your food with cleverly designed shakers called ‘dirt’ (pepper), ‘dust’ (salt) or ‘nothing’ (which really does contain nothing). So, if you need a generous dose of arty vibes in your life – head to Sketch Gallery and enjoy a cup of tea in its inspiring pink surroundings.


Splento Unusual London Tourist Guide Drink


Feel like tucking yourself away and enjoying an undisturbed drink? Head straight to the Nightjar. It’s a hidden 1920’s black and white movie inspired bar in Shoreditch, where jazz and swing music and Gatsby-style cocktails will delight. It’s a safe haven – a far cry from the overcrowded pubs and bars in the West End.

Looking Glass Cocktail Club

Alice in Wonderland would totally approve this place. Looking Glass Cocktail Club is a hidden speakeasy bar in heart of Shoreditch with a giant mirror as the entrance. Unlock the secrets of this magical place and start the evening off with aptly named cocktails, such as ‘Pool Of Tears’ and ‘Gold Bullion’ – which, by the way, we are sure was created in a secret laboratory because the taste is unforgettable!

Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

What do you normally see, when you open the fridge? Eggs, milk, some veggies maybe? Well, when you open the fridge door at the entrance to this bar you will find a completely new level of fun and delicious drinks. The interior has a retro-industrial aesthetic, with Pop art, posters, and paintings displayed on the walls. The winners for the most originally named bar in London want you to keep their secret and in return provide you with the best whiskey and small, but great food menu. So get the password and open the fridge door!


Splento Unusual London Tourist Guide Culture

Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection is a museum where life, medicine, and science meet at one place to show the true wonder of the Universe. It comprises of four floors, full of fascinating exhibitions, talks, experiments and drop-in sessions. For those who are curious about how art meets medicine and discover why the people and artists here believe that there is a thin line between the two topics, you should visit the Wellcome Collection immediately.

The Old Operating Theatre

Another museum about medicine but despite its online tour, it’s definitely worth going to see if in real life. It’s one of the oldest surviving operating theaters in Europe, full of rare artifacts that are on display. If you are interested in how surgical procedures were carried out in the 1800’s come and experience a tour in person, run by talented tour speakers, who will take you back in time and teach you all about early surgery and medical tools. So if you are ready to discover historical medicine in person, visit this strange museum as soon as you can. Mind you, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

The Freud Museum

Everyone who has ever been interested in psychology will be familiar with the late Sigmund Freud’s work. This museum was once where he sought refuge when the Nazis invaded his homeland, Austria. It is small and doesn’t run many exhibitions, but it has one artifact that everyone should see: Freud’s psychoanalytical couch – the symbol of psychoanalysis. The gift shop is also great!  



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