10 Best Places to Take Romantic Photos in London


It’s Valentine’s Day already?! Are you frantically Googling “top 10 romantic places in London” to try and find a place with a great view, where you can take lots of pictures of this memorable day?

Keep calm, breath and relax, because Splento has done the hard work for you! Here is a list of 10 best places to take romantic photos in London:

1. Petersham Nurseries

Just look at this place! It could be the perfect setting to inspire the greatest love story of all time. Explore the grounds of this tranquil escape from the city whilst whispering “sweet-nothings” into each others ear, or wine and dine in the picturesque glasshouse restaurant. If you love nature or are just looking for a nice, calm place for a date, the Petersham Nurseries is the place for you.


2. The London Eye at sunset

The view from the London Eye at sunset is the “romantic calling card” of the city. Surprise your loved one with a ticket, step inside and watch the city lights come to life – and don’t forget to take a lot of photos, because the surrounding view will be magnificent.


3. Primrose Hill

Who said that the Valentine’s Day should leave you with empty pockets and an empty credit card? Primrose Hill has a wonderful view for free! So take a blanket and have a picnic with your sweetheart. In the end, all you need is a bottle of wine, a little bit of cheese and each other.


4. Vertigo 42

Planning a proposal? There is no place better than this. It’s amazing view and cozy, warm atmosphere will surely melt your partner’s heart. By the way, if you do decide to propose, you should book a photographer with Splento and let us help you savour your special day!


5. Andrew Edmunds

Having been open for more than 30 years, Andrew Edmunds have a flawless reputation. Their handwritten menu changes daily and includes good wine, seafood and meat for a perfect romantic dinner. It’s situated in a 18th century town house, where you can really feel the history of love in this comfy place. As we all know, all you need for a good date is wine, good food and candlelight.


6. Clos Maggiore

Ask anyone which London restaurant they think is the most romantic and you will hear; “Clos Maggiore, of course!”
 Imagine a place with a cute open fire and a glass roof, decorated with a sea of flowers and green leaves – it even sounds romantic. No wonder the staff there knows how to organise the perfect marriage proposal! Call Splento to book a photographer for this day – we love to capture people’s dreams come true!


7. Crystal Palace Park

Maybe you don’t want to make a proposal, maybe you just want to have a good time with your soulmate. In this case, we recommend Crystal Palace Park. It’s a typical English garden where you can definitely get a sense of Jane Austen’s famous romantic novels.


8. Sketch Gallery

One word – pink. This place is all about pink, it’s the colour of pure love and the holy grail of romance. But it’s not only the interior that’s beautiful, it’s also the delicious food and desserts that look so good, they could become the most liked post on your Instagram! Your partner will love this place and trust us, you will come back.


9. Duck and Waffle

It’s a winning formula for the perfect date. Sunset or sunrise, it doesn’t matter because they open 24 hours and you can enjoy a panoramic view of London from a 40th floor of Heron tower. It’s the dream place to say those magic three words for the first time…


10. The View From The Shard

Visit the top of the shard and be amazed by the spectacular 360 degree views of London through its surrounding glass walls. It’s the ideal place to escape from the hussle and bussle of the streets of London and get lost in each other eyes. There’s nothing like being 800ft above ground together to get you in the mood!


We hope this list has given you some ideas on where to take your loved one this Valentines Day!