Watch out people, there is a new kid on the block and it’s oozing the on-demand hype: introducing Splento

Photographers on Demand


Booking a professional photographer has never been easier.

What’s Splento’s secret? Amazingly, it simply lets you book the professional photographer with a click of a finger. Organising baby-shower for a friend or relative, just book via Splento. Organising a corporate event and need somebody reliable to take professional corporate shots, voila – Splento. Or maybe you wanted to capture your engagement (shhh, keep it a secret), just book a photographer and he will do the job for you (disguise and everything!). Or maybe, or maybe… sky is your limit.

The beauty of Splento – is affordable, hassle free booking of professional photographers who have been vetted and approved by the team, before they are added to the database. And to add, it doesn’t cost you arm and a leg – just £49 per hour. In fact Splento’s offer is many times cheaper than any other company’s in the UK. However, if you fancy something super special and have a list of requirements for a photographer, Splento also offers a bespoke service (price on application).

This personal on-demand service is so simple that all the big bucks can be spent on the event itself or that outfit that you really wanted. And the best bit – you get your photos beautifully retouched straight to your email address within 48hrs!

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