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Book any kind of photo session with a click of a finger and receive your professional photos within 48 hours.

March 2015, London – entrepreneur Roman Grigorjev launched Splento, his new website and iPhone app which with a click of a finger allows people to book a professional photographer (vetted and approved) for any kind of event you desire.

Splento lets people book any kind of photo session they wish, be a corporate party, birthday party or just for fun. Photographer will arrive within a couple of hours hours and send you professional photos within 48hrs. Guaranteed!

Customers are given the option to pay per hour ยฃ49 or ยฃ299 for the whole event. There is also an option for bespoke photo session, in case there are certain specifications set by the customers. Once you have booked a photo session, you will receive a confirmation via email and you can track where your photographer is.

Splento development team put a lot of effort and time developing techniques and technology to ensure that they could deliver a high end product in London, which is consistent and guarantees level of exceptional quality, before starting their national and international expansion.

From a team of two sharing a desk as an office in 2015, Splento has grown to a steady team of seven over the last 12 months and is continuously doubling its revenues month-on-month.

“I found that finding a very good photographer was quite challenging as you need to do a lot of research first before going for the right person. This really was the beginning of Splento. I have realised that there was nothing available in the market. I was after Uber for photography. It was a long and challenging process to find the right photographers to join our team, however we now have a steady group of fantastic photographers who are doing an ace jobโ€, said Roman Grigoriev founder and CEO.

He continued, “So we set out to change the way people think about booking photographers, aiming to demonstrate that it doesnโ€™t have to take a lot of time and money to book a professional photographer. Photos are professionally retouched by a team of experts and delivered straight to your email within 48hrs. It really is as simple as that.โ€.

“Now with Splento we are enabling people, for the first time, to book a professional photographer for any kind of event or occasion on the go with just a click of a fingerโ€.

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