WebSummit 2015 and Splento in Dublin, Ireland

For Web Summit attendees it couldn’t be better! Splento is delighted to announce that it will be taking professional photos of every single startup, creating personalised galleries for them and providing the attendees with an easy-to-use search functionality to find these photos by name & stand number at The Media no longer has to troll through the internet trying to find dodgy looking selfies of startups they are writing a story about. With Splento, everyone will have high quality photos from the conference of all the startups at their fingertips.

What’s Splento?
For those who aren’t familiar with us, Splento is evolving the way professional photos are taken and delivered around the world. By seamlessly connecting photographers to clients through apps and website, Splento makes professional photography more accessible, opening up more possibilities for clients and more business for photographers.

Splento is a technological, marketing and logistical platform which signs up and qualifies photographers, hires photo retouchers, sets the rates, gets clients, retouches and delivers photos to clients in 48 hours, creates photo albums from these photos and delivers them in one week, sorts out all the admin, legals and financials and balances supply/demand. Splento’s rapidly expanding presence continues to capture your splendid mementoes.

Splento markets itself as the pioneering marketplace for photography on demand – cheaper and more convenient way to book photographers for your events and much faster and easier way to getting the ready product. It says its prices can be up to 70 per cent lower than their competition, with cheapest packages starting from £49 per hour.

Dozens of photographers in London have registered to become Splento “PROs”. Unlike other companies, Splento does not ask its photographers to retouch their photos and instead has a team of professional retouchers doing it for them, saving photographers up to half of their time and thus passing cheaper rates to consumers.

Splento carefully vets all photographers, digitally enhances and manages the entire process from client acquisition to final product delivery via it’s own website and apps, thus insuring uniform quality throughout.

Are they mad? Why professional photography?
There are more than 1,000,000 searches a month in English for professional photography services. Add other languages and people who don’t search (because they use someone already or who think that professional photography is expensive) and we are talking about hundreds of thousands of professional photo sessions talking place around the world each day.

Worldwide professional photography market is worth billions of dollars per annum and 70-80% of all professional photography work is undertaken by freelancers. Inconsistent quality, delays and lack of transparency are common. It is one of the last industries, which are ripe for disruption and Splento is the only company in this space shaking it up.

Why Web Summit?
Folks at Web Summit are the most innovative bunch of people in the conference space and they want to make everyone’s time at the conference to be spent as efficiently as possible. Splento’s service is perfect for people who want the most out of their conferences, who love amazing experiences and respect innovation that makes their lives easier.