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Case Study: WeWork


  • 1 photographer, 1 assistant, and 1 organizer operated for a day
  • Professionally taken and edited headshots
  • Scheduled bookings or walk-in appointments
  • 152 headshots provided in total
  • 6+ hours stationed at the WeWork offices
  • Online galleries delivered within 24 hours

WeWork has been operating since 2010, creating a network of shared office spaces all around the world in 21 countries. They provide superb locations for start-ups, small business, and entrepreneurs to form a community where everyone gets to grow together. Not only that but these spaces are intended to nurture every individual's sense of fulfillment by pushing them to pursue what it is they want to pursue. These communities of evolving businesses are where people get to shine. This has been the goal of WeWork since its foundation and continues to be its mission going forward.



WeWork is a place for small businesses to establish a place among a community. But even in a community, individuals will want to stand out. When trying to sell one's self in the business world, a key aspect is presenting a clean-cut image to show who you will be in-person. To this end, WeWork wanted to provide those that use their spaces an easy method of obtaining professionally taken and edited headshots. However, typical photo sessions require a lengthy process of booking a photographer for a specific time, being charged a complicated fee, and waiting long periods for the photos to be edited and delivered. They were looking for a means of bypassing all these deterring variables to allow its people to feel more professional.



Splento sent over a handful of photographers and organizers to provide headshots to those who wanted or needed them. Workers were given the opportunity to book a photo session online several days in advance to fit their own personal schedule. Alternatively, time slots were left open for anyone who wanted to simply have a walk-in appointment on their own time. Regardless, sessions were a short three minutes to keep the operations quick and concise. About a dozen individuals took advantage of our services over the course of one business day. The best photos of each session were then selected, compiled, and touched-up by our editors. The digital route is the preferred method of sharing now, so online galleries are created and personalized for each individual session. These links were made available to the respective parties the following morning, ensuring that everyone was able to quickly utilize their new headshots.



With only three members of Splento conducting this day-long, open headshot photo shoot, over 150 headshots were taken. They were all processed and edited and were made accessible to their subjects in under 24 hours. Everyone who participated opened and downloaded their final product.

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