Case Study: Play for Grenfell

Play for Grenfell

Play for Grenfell
  • Full event photography service
  • 128 professionally edited photos were provided
  • Next day photo delivery
  • A3 print size photos
  • All photos delivered in JPEG format for easy web use
  • Shareable online gallery
  • Upgraded Commercial Use License

Imperial College Lawn Tennis Club and LSE Tennis Club featuring London university tennis teams have organised a charity tournament ''Play for Grenfell'' to support children affected by the Grenfell Tower fire last June. The Grenfell fire broke out on 14 June 2017 in the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block of public housing flats in North Kensington. It caused 72 deaths, out of the 293 people in the building. Over 70 were injured. ''Play for Grenfell'' is oriented towards social engagement and collaboration with Solidarity Sports, which is a London-based charity that provides multifarious support to young people living in disadvantaged areas of London through various sorts of activities including sports.



The first charity tennis tournament ''Play for Grenfell'' was held on 21st March 2018 in Westway Sports & Fitness Centre. The main goal of this charity event was to help Solidarity Sports to attract more donations and make a difference in kids’ lives within North Kensington. First of all, all players and supporters themselves were making £10 donations to the charity. Moreover, those people who were unable to come or not interested in tennis, but still passionate about the cause could make donations of any size. All of the above was very close in spirit to Splento. So, we also supported these charitable efforts with our professional photo shoot and sharing this event to raise the awareness.



To support Solidarity Sports, Westway, and tennis clubs and help them to raise awareness of their charity tournament “Play for Grenfell” Splento provided full event photography service in the tennis centre. We organized a professional photo shoot of the competition featuring throughout the day. All the photos were delivered in 24 hours, in JPEG format for easy web use and in print size. With the aim to promote Solidarity Sports and their action Splento uploaded 128 retouched images from the event to our online gallery, which could be accessed and shared by the marketing and PR teams, press, organisers and other interested people. The photo gallery from the event can be found via the link.



The efficiency of Slento's operation helped organizers to maximise their PR efforts and as a result, helped boost donations post-event. Imperial College Lawn Tennis Club and LSE Tennis Club were really excited to share news about their charity tournament “Play for Grenfell” promptly. They expressed ''Huge shout out to Splento for capturing incredible memories of the tournament's first edition!'' Through the use of our images, "Play for Grenfell" increased its online awareness, whereby Solidarity Sports managed to increase donations for the children of North Kensington.

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