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Case Study: Business Mentor Summit 2019

Business Mentor Summit 2019

Business Mentor Summit 2019
  • 4 hours of intense business mentoring
  • 4 brilliant speakers and successful entrepreneurs
  • 38 aspiring entrepreneurs on their way to success
  • An expert Splento photographer backed by a team of retouchers
  • Professional Splento videographer backed by a team of video editors
  • 387 retouched photos

Inspired by his own success story, Aleksander Vitkin decided to become a business coach and help others reach higher levels of personal and financial achievement through entrepreneurship. Over the years, he has helped more than 400 people start their own successful businesses. On March 30th, Alexander has conducted a 4-hour mentoring session at the Business Mentor Summit 2019. Held at La Foodieteca in Barcelona, Spain, the event has brought an attendance interested in learning how to make their business ideas a success. The event aimed to encourage people to overcome their fear of failure and start their own business.

Alexander chose to limit the event tickets to attract only those who were genuinely considering entrepreneurship as their next career step. Furthermore, he decided on a small attendance as a means to enhance effective networking between like-minded, Barcelona-based, future and current entrepreneurs, which wouldn’t have been possible with a large audience. The event aimed to allow the attendees to experience transformative business clarity, which they never thought possible.

In addition to Aleksander, there were three more speakers, including Emmanuel Fredenrich, the famous Swiss entrepreneur who has achieved his first success in business at the age of 15. Another speaker was Mario Tomic, who helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs regain control of their health and get in the best shape of their life. The fourth speaker was Mo Badat, founder of the online marketing agency M.A.B. Media Limited and whom Alexander has personally coached to success!


Alexander maintains an unwavering commitment to raising awareness about the incredible emotional, financial, and spiritual benefits of entrepreneurship. He believes that building and nurturing a successful business is the most effective way for people to put their creativity, vision, skills, and knowledge to work. The event was about how anyone with the right mindset and the right coaching can become a thriving entrepreneur. The aim was for the attendees to learn:

  • How to close sales  
  • How to deliver the service to clients 
  • How to get the first client 
  • How to grow to 6 figures 
  • How to become highly productive 
  • How surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs will change your life 
  • How to scale from 6 figures to 7 figures and beyond 


Despite the quite dark setting of La Foodieteca, our expert photographer has succeeded in delivering 387 retouched photos to the client, including pictures of all four speakers and photos of the attendees, the audience and the location. The four-hour session was more than fruitful, with Alexander forwarding the pictures to the attendees for their use.

Our photographer has previously consulted with the client and got informed on the event’s location so that he would use the most suitable equipment and photographic techniques for that specific setting. Besides, as photographers, we know that capturing the audience’ reactions to the speakers is of the essence in such an event. It wasn’t difficult considering that all four speakers have been more than captivating and managed to keep the audience on its toes from beginning to end.


Professional photography is a powerful marketing tool. We take the innate power of photography to the next level so that our services allow our clients to achieve their goals. Therefore, we perform each session with the clients’ goals in mind. In this case, we aimed to increase online and offline visibility, consolidate brand identity and raise personal brand awareness. By reaching a wider audience with compelling visual content, we have helped the client generate leads and increase conversion rate.

We have delivered the retouched photos within 48h, and Aleksander has subsequently forwarded them to the attendees and speakers, who have later shared them on social media. The quality of the pictures has allowed for bloggers and the media to use them as well, which has contributed to increasing the visibility and resonance of the event and its goals.

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