Case Study: How a Charity Organisation Could Raise Over £200,000 During the 2-Day Event

How a Charity Organisation Could Raise Over £200,000 During the 2-Day Event

How a Charity Organisation Could Raise Over £200,000 During the 2-Day Event
  • 2 days of struggle and fun
  • 7,000 tired athletes, from world-class stars to beginners
  • 1 huge red floating duck
  • 3 Splento photographers, supported by a team of Splento photo retouchers
  • Spelnto's marketing team sharing Live Images on social
  • 1,338 retouched photos
  • Online galleries which were seen and shared by over 1,500 visitors
  • Onsite photo printing
  • Dozens of winners with medals
  • Thousands of winners without a medal, because they were all winners
  • More than £200,000 raised

The Bloodwise Blenheim Palace Triathlon is considered to be the UK’s most stunning triathlon event of the year. Maybe because of its location: the Blenheim Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage which amazes you as you walk around its parks, footpaths, gardens and its beautiful lake. Or maybe because every year it gathers over 7,000 triathletes, along with families and everyone who is enjoying this unique show. Surely, all of these things make the Bloodwise Blenheim Palace Triathlon much more than just a sports event.
As the Palace makes you feel the legacy with our past and a sense of responsibility towards future generations, the participants seem to follow the same path of awareness, given the charity purpose of this challenging competition.


Bloodwise funds world-class research: the only way to prevent blood cancer, and one of the easiest and most effective ways for people to help is through donations. (visit Bloodwise to donate)
Fundraising is the core of the Bloodwise Blenheim Palace Triathlon, through which Bloodwise can both raise money and spread awareness to a broader audience on social media with imagery from the event.

Splento’s mission was to provide photos from the event and support the communication on social media, making it possible for people to follow the event in real time, build awareness and eventually drive donations; in other words, to create the visual content that matters.


Exactly like the athletes, our photos always have a long way ahead to go through quickly!

As soon as the shots were taken by our 3 photographers at the Bloodwise event, they were sent straight into the hands of our expert retouchers and shortly posted on social media by our marketing team.

In this way, compelling branded content was made available, live, for everyone. This meant increasing the resonance of the event, as many athletes were reposting the shots we took of them on their social media.

High importance was given to the athletes and their challenges, and great attention was paid to Bloodwise branding on cheer points, bodysuits, inflatables, to balance the action and the awareness for the cause in our shots.

We were also able to print photos onsite. Within 24h we retouched and delivered 1,338 photos, and created online galleries available for everyone.


Not only do we want to provide our services with passion and quality, but our greatest satisfaction is when we can help our clients achieve their goals.

We delivered in total 1338 retouched photos within 24h, and we created online galleries which have been seen, downloaded and shared more than 1,500 times.
The photos were not only shared by athletes and attendants on their social media but also used by media and bloggers giving high visibility to the event, and consequently increasing the chances to get donations.

In this way, we supported Bloodwise to raise more than £200,000 in only 2 days, which means better treatments for many people who are fighting blood cancer, as well as providing researchers with the means for finding cures.

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