19 Feelings All Freelance Photographers Will Understand

19 Feelings All Freelance Photographers Will Understand


“Every day is a struggle.” – Anonymous Photographer, after a 24-hour retouching marathon

At first, you thought “Ah, this is easy! I’ll do what I love and get paid for it.” And now, a month down the line, you’re thinking, “I’ve never been so wrong in my life.”

1. When you realise you need to retouch the photos from 4 different photo shoots in 1 day

2. When all you did last week was retouch, eat, sleep (sometimes), repeat.

3. When Photoshop freezes and you lose 6 hours of work

4. When you’re trying to convince a client to choose you for a project

5. When you finally get paid for a shoot you did 2 months ago…

6. …But then realised you need a new lens and it’s way more expensive than you thought

7. When a 14-year-old asks you to do her TFP shoot

8. When you’re trying to get an A-List model to agree to a TFP shoot

9. When your back and your neck literally feel like they’re going to fall off because you’re forever carrying your equipment everywhere

10. When a client asks you to shoot “for exposure”

11. When you’re shooting at a wedding and smell food

12. When you’re trying to take a group shot of 30 people

13. When your battery dies right in the middle of the shoot

14. When someone says “you have a great camera, it must be taking nice pictures” when it’s actually YOU who’s taking the nice pictures

15. When all your friends are going on a trip for the holidays but you have retouching to do

16. When you try to persuade yourself to work extra hours

17. When you try to take a picture of a client’s kids

18. When you forgot to post photos from your latest photo shoot on social media

19. When you start to work with Splento and all these problems melt away…

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