Why bespoke on demand photography is the key to smart marketing content – The Aspers case

Why bespoke on demand photography is the key to smart marketing content - The Aspers case.


What do all the marketing professionals want for their content? Just up to date, modern, personal, new, engaging tailored visuals. Not too much to ask, right? You can achieve that with a huge budget, by hiring an in-house visual team, that is always ready to create and curate the latest content for your campaigns. That is one way to do it. If you are Coca -Cola, Nike or RedBull.

What about the small and medium companies? They usually go to a royalty free website, and pick a few images, and then realize after that they have used the same images as their competition. Why would they do that? Because they are living in a world where a production cost for a photo shoot and an in-house or on-demand visual team is highly expensive.

This is where Splento jumps in and gives all a fighting chance!

Splento is officially announcing its product and releasing its iOS app (with Android to follow soon), allowing anyone and everyone to book same-day/on-demand photography while on the go. Through its app, Splento now enables users to select any photography session, specify what time they prefer the photographer to arrive, decide between an event-driven photo-session, a food photographer, editorial specialist, or a sports one.

Advantages? Simple. You know the cost is low, quality high and you can have a photographer with you in a matter of hours, and pictures ready for your campaign in no time!

Let’s take the Aspers example.

A mid-size casino, the marketing team is in constant need of event, food and editorial photographers. They don’t have the budget to build that big team full time, and most photographers either booked for a last minute call, or they are too expensive for a small shoot.

In the unique system that Splento works, we can cover those needs. A two-hour event, booked last minute? Sorted! New menu items, or new cocktails? Sorted! A quick shoot for a press release? Sorted! An eight-hour event with live visuals for social media campaign? Sorted!

This way the marketing efforts are complemented by tailored, fresh, professional visuals, all within the budget. No rolling contracts, just an account, and an app. Sounds simple and effective? It’s supposed to be!

So what happens now to Aspers? They have a vibrant visual narrative for their marketing campaigns, they are standing apart from their competition, they have more engaging social media accounts, and they can use their budget more effectively.

So Aspers, technically speaking, has access to an 100+ professional photographers as if they were their in-house team, without having the budget of an international conglomerate.
They might have a preferred photographer. That can be arranged very easily, but if he is not available, Aspers will know that they have instant access more professionals of the same quality, and that will give them peace of mind.
social media on demand photography marketing content aspers
 social media photography on demand marketing content aspers
social media on demand photography marketing content aspers

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