Easter Family Photography Top 10 ideas to spice up your holidays


Spring is here and Easter is almost upon us.  Easter means different things to all of us, but there will always be one thing we have in common – fun.  Kids love Easter activities, whether it’s something new, active, arts or crafty, it’s a good excuse to get the family together for some fun activities.

Introducing photography into the mix might seem daunting at first, but once you get into it, there’s no limit to what you might do.  Not to mention, what better way is there to remember this year’s festivities?  Here are 10 top ideas for an inspirational Easter family photo.


1. Easter arts and crafts

Creativity comes in many forms.  Whether you’re colouring in pictures, painting eggs, maybe even making pipe cleaner bunnies, the whole family can get involved.  Try getting snaps of the art in action or getting your children to pose with their newly crafted eggs. Great Easter family photos always have one or two with ‘crafty’ creations!


2. Baking

Baking is a staple of Easter festivities.  After all, who doesn’t love sweets?  Chocolate eggs, bird’s nests, carrot cakes, are just a few recipes that come to mind when Easter is mentioned.  Photos of your loved ones baking, photos of the food at the end, even photos of them eating it are ways you can remember just how good this Easter tasted.  Or how messy it was.


Easter Family Photo


3. Dress-up

Dressing up can be fun, all you need is the excuse to do it.  Lambs, bunnies, eggs, shepherds, anything that screams Easter to you.  Try dressing up as rabbits and taking photos in the garden, or eating your favourite chocolate egg.


4. Go outside

Spring is beautiful. This Easter, why not take the family outside and catch bees as they bob between the newly blossomed flowers or count how many different butterflies you can catch.  Maybe even grab a photograph as you watch the sunset for an inspirational Easter photo.


5. Egg hunt

Watch your children as they explore the house and garden, searching for clues, hunting for eggs.  Keep their smiles as they show off their collection or catch their faces as they’re reaping their rewards. Make it a part of your Easter family photo session.


Easter Family Photos


6. Easter tiered trays

Style a tiered tray for the season, covered in different easter colours and eggs and whatever else you want.  Tiered trays can be a great centrepiece to have on your table, as well as an eye-catching post for social media.


7. Sports

Easter time is a fantastic excuse for family sports.  From the egg-and-spoon race to gigantic novelty hoop tossing, you’re sure to have a blast (while also working up an appetite for the next suggestion…)


8. Make the world’s largest omelette

Or a replica of it, at least.  Every Easter each year, French commune Haux puts together over 4,500 eggs to make the world’s largest omelette.  Why not get in on this tradition and make lunch for the whole family – not something to be forgotten.


Easter Family Photography


9. Butter lambs

And for lunch, butter lambs.  An Easter tradition in Russia, try fashioning a knob of butter into the shape of a lamb to have with your roast dinner – a symbol of luck, as meeting a lamb is considered a lucky omen.  Maybe it won’t turn out as eye-catching as the tiered tray idea -but maybe it will!  Either way, it’s still something interesting to put out there on social media!


10. Be a family

Lastly, make sure you spend time with your family this Easter.  Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourself and make sure everyone smiles in your photographs.  Easter is a great opportunity to bring the family together and to have fun – especially in 2021.  Cherish it, and make sure you make it something to remember.

A family photoshoot could be daunting at first, but it can also be worth it.  With so many things to try out, photographs are a great way to remember everything you enjoy about this holiday season and a great way to bring your loved ones closer together.  Try some of these ideas or some of your own – you won’t regret it.


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