A Truthful Photo A Fireside Chat With Mark Woodward ⎪Video⎪


Mark Woodward is the talented photographer and video maker behind the awarded project “Lia”, and the first guest of Splento’s Fireside Chat series, here at Wayra. (Stay tuned for the next ones!)

The first project tells us the story of Antonio Romero and his transition to Angelita, Lia for short. The intimate shots, taken over a 5-year time, reveal a journey made of challenges, efforts, joy, realisation, contemplation that led Lia to be a strong independent woman.

The pursuit of truthfulness is a strong trait of Mark’s work, and through his photography, we can try to take part in that pursuit on our own.

In “Nailer”, Mark follows Tim Foley, the founder of Arizona Border Recon, a militia group targeting illegal immigration and drug smuggling on the U.S./Mexico Border, on his daily routine in the desert. The long time spent together, the achievement of a certain amount of trust, eventually allows Mark to frame for a moment “the man behind the uniform”.

Desert comes back again in the 100 miles ultramarathon of Jamie Maddison. Two days of run under tough conditions bring Jamie to the limit of his own strengths. Mark shows us here the madness and willpower behind the achievement.

Thanks to Mark’s work, and the impact that derives from it, we have the chance to question ourselves on our own nature.

Some photos can unveil our humanity, showing us that over diversity, we all have fears, ambition, dream, uncertainties, bravery, strength, impulses which make of us passengers of the same boat.

A question arises: do these sides of us have to be judged or just… seen? As Mark’s photography seems to suggest.

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